The documentary ‘Young, Fit and Dying’, produced by Go Forth Films in association with Erimus-Productions will receive its international TV debut tonight on the Norwegian channel NRK 2(22:15 local time), with more showings in other countries to follow. 

Directed by Daniel Michael Smith and Michael Dorgan, it is a study into the health benefits and dangers of long distance running as we follow a runner from London to Brussels.

You can read more information on the film at and see it here:


Jaywick. Recently named as the most deprived place in England by the U.K Government. A town that once was a thriving holiday destination for East Londoners, now an apparently desolate seaside location that faces freezing winters and devastating floods.

Jaywick Escapes is a documentary by film makers Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope, who’s back catalogue consists of various documentaries and film projects. However, to say documentary is somewhat limiting. This is more than that.

Detailing the lives of some of the town’s inhabitants in an unobtrusive yet investigative manner, delving into the personal lives behind the closed doors of the shacks that face the seafront. With a sense of the innocent observer, the camera cuts between some of the town’s characters, detailing their troubled past and uncertain future as they exist in limbo in an environment that seems to remain constant, neither progressing or degrading.

To a viewer who has never experience life in this way, Jaywick Escapes is a lesson in depravity and human spirit. Each individual has their own troubles to over come, from untimely family deaths, loss of children to Social Services and money worries, they overcome this with a sense of tenacity that proves that human spirit and coming together is something far stronger than our every day troubles.

The cinematography views the town with an ironic beauty, focussing on the small details that make the bigger picture. And opens our eyes to the gritty reality that the economy is not necessarily as bright as some may assume.

Interestingly, despite the depravity, Jaywick has gained status as a haven for peace, with many of the individuals residing their to get away from stressful lives in London, where they had drug and family issues.

The inhabitants of Jaywick seem spellbound by its simplicity and pace of life. And although their is a feeling that they desire more and that Jaywick may not be their future, it is, at least for now, a place to gather their thoughts and find inner peace before moving on with their lives.

This documentary becomes more of a portrait of a town and an investigation of the characters within it, poised with the beautiful perfection of observation without manipulation, letting stories and characters develop naturally and open up to produce a film that is touching, emotional, shocking and beautiful.

Jackson Wade


Lions. The big cats with which we are all familiar, roaming free in the wild, an unprecedented predator who knows no match. However, in ‘Lion Ark’, we are shown a side of the great animal that we would not necessarily be aware of. In cages barely longer than the length of the animal, they suffer for hours a day, at the mercy of the glaring sun, the blistering heat and their ‘masters’, who beat, whip, starve and wound the animals into submission for their circus ‘performances’.

‘Lion Ark’, directed by Tim Phillips, is a documentary that acts as a behind the scenes view of ‘Animal Defenders International’ and their quest to enforce the rule they campaigned for in Bolivia, which was to ban Animal Circuses. Despite this being implemented, there still remained a number of circuses that defied this law, knowingly ignoring the ruling of their country and forcing animals to perform in their shows.

This ruling came into fruition after an investigative team from ADI, who went undercover to expose the harsh treatment and deprivation that animals in such circuses are forced to endure every day. And when this rule was being ignored, the team re-grouped and returned to Bolivia to fight their biggest and most dangerous mission yet; to track down the illegal circuses and air-lift the twenty five lions from captivity in Bolivia, five thousand miles to safety in Colorado.

From the outset, it becomes apparent that this documentary is not simply a story of the Lions, or the members of the ADI or even the circus owners, but this is a conglomerate of personas, who together, can and do, achieve great things.

As the film opens, the audience is thrust into a fierce confrontation between rescuers and one of the circus owners who is brandishing a knife, slashing tires and refusing to co-operate, which helps to set the tone of the film from the outset, showing that this isn’t going to be an easy battle. The theme of ‘battles’ prevails throughout the film, both in terms of the battle between ADI and the circus owners, but also between the rescuers and the Lions, who still fear human contact. And then also the battle between the camera crew and the operation.

In terms of the filming, the documentary is neither a typical fly-on-the-wall nor is it shot as a beautiful nature documentary; it is both.

Shot on high-end HD cameras, the aesthetic of this film grasps both the beauty of the nature and the danger of the rescue and fuses them together in a crucible which forms a beautiful juxtaposition, reminiscent of the ‘battles’ we see throughout.

Overall, this film is an exploration into all the characters involved, none of which becomes priority and also an exploration into the personification of animals and their ability to thrive alongside humans. ‘Lion Ark’ is an awe-inspiring journey that grips and engages, showing how truly powerful a small group of people can be when they have a strong focus and a will to succeed in the face of adversity.

Jackson Wade

The official release for ‘Plans’ from Guildford band Red Kites who are currently touring the U.K.

Shot in Oxford this visual piece relied not on a band performance, but a narrative feel provides a stylised aesthetic.

Starring Stephen Mcleod, Aimee Hislop, Aude Dupont, Nicole Faux, Veronica Hughes and Katie Scallon

Watch in HD and enjoy!

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Help Us Fund A Short Film

Here at Erimus, we are collaborating with Guildford based company ‘NV Media’ in producing a short film. We are looking to raise the funds to do so through a kickstarter campaign, which you can find through this link:

This is an exciting and dynamic script, that is going to be turned into a cinematic display of fine craftsmanship and we would love YOU to be involved! 

Please help with whatever you can, from £1-£1000, we will appreciate it! 

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Music Video for ‘This Is The End’

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Music video for the up and coming band from Middlesbrough Abel Raise The Cain.

Here is a link to their website:

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